SPI course

4IT521 Software Process Improvement course

Aim of the course:

The aim of the course is to introduce software development methodologies, frameworks, standards and tools.

Learning outcomes and competences:

After successful completion of this course students will be able to use ISO/IEC 12207 process reference model, ISO/IEC 29110 standard for SW processes in very small entities, CMMI process reference model and most important IS development methodologies. Students will understand how to choose the right tool.

Course content:

  • current state of IS development,
  • categorization of methodology elements,
  • ISO/IEC 12207 process reference model,
  • CMMI process reference model,
  • capability evaluation according to ISO/IEC 15504,
  • ISO/IEC 29110 for very small entities,
  • life cycle models,
  • IS development methodologies,
  • rigorous methodologies,
  • iterative (Rational Unified Process),
  • agile methodologies, especially Scrum, Feature Driven Development (FDD), Extreme programming (XP), OpenUP, Kanban,
  • scaling of agile methods (DAD, Less, SAFe),
  • selecting the right method

Course is taught by

Associate Professor Alena Buchalcevova, Ing. Ph.D      Guarantor and main lecturer

Dr. Michal Doležel Assistant Professor

Joseph Franz PhD student, DXC

Schedule of lectures

Monday 14:30 – 16:00 SB 103 Monday 16:15 – 17:45 SB 203
1 21.9.
2 28.9.  Holiday
3 5.10. Introduction, course requirements, term paper topics

Current state of IS development, life cycle models

CMMI process reference model
4 12.10. International standards for systems and software engineering ISO/IEC 29110 for very small entities
5 19.10. IS development methodologies Iterative methodologies (Rational Unified Process, Open UP)


6 26.10. Agile methodologies discussion about the outline of the term paper and found sources

It is recommended to prepare Outline of term paper and upload it until 25.10. to MS Teams

tab: Files

folder: termPaperOutlinePreparedByStudents

7 2.11. Test process improvement, TMMi Test process improvement, TMMi
8 9.11. Scrum Extreme programming
9 16.11. Kanban Lean SW development
10 23.11. Agile workshop or DevOps Agile workshop or DevOps
11 30.11. term paper presentations term paper presentations
12 7.12. term paper presentations term paper presentations
13 14.12. final test course closing


Course requirements

Requirement points
Active participation in lectures (CMMItest max 2,5, ISOTest max 1,5, 29110Test max 2, RUPTest max 3, OpenUPTest max 2) 20
Term paper presentation 20
Term paper 30
Final test 30
Total 100


Points Grade
90 – 100 1
75 – 89 2
60 – 74 3
50 – 59 4+
0 – 50 4


Term paper topics for WS 2020/2021  definition with resources

  • Agile in Global software development
  • Agile Transformation
  • Are Software Startups Applying Agile Practices?
  • Backlog
  • Bimodal IT Organization
  • Culture and Agile
  • Diciplined Agile
  • Enterprise Agility
  • How Are Agile Release Trains Formed in Practice
  • How Teams and Scrum Masters Mature
  • How to Measure Agility
  • Implementing Large-Scale Agile Frameworks
  • Inter-team Coordination in Large-Scale Agile Development
  • Reflection in Agile Retrospectives
  • Scaled agile framework  SAFe
  • description, experience with implementation, usage – results of surveys
  • Scaled agile, overview of scaled agile frameworks
  • Scaling Agile – Spotify model
  • Stress in Agile Software Development
  • Teamwork Quality and Team Performance
  • The Agile Fluency Model
  • 14 Annual State of Agile Report

Term paper presentations schedule

Formal requirements for papers


One drive



Fauzi, S. S. M., Nasir, M. H. N. M., Ramli, N., & Sahibuddin, S. (2011). Software Process Improvement and Management: Approaches and Tools for Practical Development.

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