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Stručný popis nástroje TargetProcess Planning is an agile project management tool that supports Extreme Programming and other modern methodologies. TargerProcess:Planning provides requirements management, project planning, and project tracking features. Poznámka

ThoughtWorks Mingle

Stručný popis nástroje Mingle is software to facilitate agile project management and collaboration. Released in May 2007, Mingle was the first commercial application to be created using JRuby. Mingle was released as a SAAS offering in 2013. Poznámka


Stručný popis nástroje LeanKit supports the implementation of Lean principles, practices, and work methodologies across all business functions, to help organizations create an environment of continuous improvement and innovation to deliver customer value, faster. By visualizing your work as it flows through your process, LeanKit provides a big-picture understanding of the work that helps teams […]